This Star Indian Player Was Victim Of Ragging In IPL By Senior Australian Players, Check Full Story

Today’s star Indian player Yuzi Chahal has started his IPL career with Mumbai Indians. This spinner was counted among the most junior players in the team, and all his time was spent watching the big players on the bench. The dominance of star players in the Mumbai team can be gauged from the fact that this young player did not get to play a single match for two seasons.

Before his IPL debut in 2013, his fans were in awe of Yuzvendra Chahal’s ability. Two team players were looking for an opportunity to take Ragging of Yuzvendra Chahal, known for his cheerfulness. This incident of ragging is from 2011 when he got a contract with Mumbai Indians for the first time.

One day when senior team players James Franklin and Andrew Symonds got a chance, they tied Chahal’s hands and feet, taped his mouth, put him in the corner of a room, and locked the room from the outside. Both were so drunk that they did not even remember that they had come after locking Yuzvendra in the hotel room. Chahal remained locked in the room overnight and could get freedom only when the room was opened the next day for cleaning. However, then Yuzvendra did not complain about this to anyone and no action was taken against Andrew Symonds and James Franklin.

A similar incident happened with Yuzvendra Chahal in 2013 as well. A fellow Mumbai Indians player hanged Chahal from the 15th floor of the hotel after being irritated by his joke. Yuzvendra held on to that player’s neck and called for help. Later, when more team players came, they could be saved.

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