The CSK Effect: How Players Thrive After Joining yellow army, Navjot Singh Sidhu gives a shocking reply

Often regarded as one of the most consistent teams in the IPL, the Chennai Super Kings have once again started this year’s IPL in their own style. The men in yellow make the playoffs for every team they play in the IPL.

Players like Watson and Shivam Dube, who have failed to perform for other IPL franchises, have been in their best form for CSK. 

However, in his recent interaction with Star Sports, Navjot Singh Sidhu gave answers to many questions related to the Chennai Super Kings with regards to their grooming of players and Ms. Dhoni’s batting position.

When asked about Samer Rizvi getting a chance ahead of Ms. Dhoni in the batting line-up, Siddhu said, “Talent is nothing without opportunity. You have to give youngsters an opportunity. One is giving opportunities, and the other is the player accepting the challenge. You have got to give Rizvi that confidence.” 

Siddhu further added, “The same player isn’t that strong on the other team, but when he comes to Dhoni, he becomes a completely different player. How? Because a good leader is the one who walks behind him and ignites faith.”

Siddhu also shared his views on Dhoni developing another future star to serve CSK in the upcoming years.

Speaking about the same, Siddhu said, “A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of vinegar. So, therefore, fitting people in their rightful place is what is most important. Dhoni is an asset when he bats and finishes. Jadeja and Dhoni, one plus one is 11. They are multiplying their strength. Dhoni has nothing to prove. The biggest strength of a leader is that he builds future leaders. He will actually unlock potential for the youngsters.”

The bigger challenge is not batting at No. 3 or No. 4. The bigger challenge is when you bat for the last six overs, the last seven overs. That is the time when you are really tested. Why? That’s when you are going to be scoring one ball and three runs. 1 ball, 2 and a half. This skill is found in very few people. I am telling you, it’s not easy to be a finisher. You are not getting accolades, but it’s the quality of those runs that actually helps the team win or lose,” concluded Siddhu.

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