“Please say sorry…”Sarfaraz Khan’s Epic Response To Don Bradman’s Reminder From India’s Great

Team India’s star middle order batsman, Sarfaraz Khan, has been in the buzz ever since the star middle order made his test debut for team India in the recently concluded series against England.

One of the most consistent run-getters in domestic cricket, Sarfaraz Khan, immediately left a mark as soon as he made his debut for India. The batter scored three-and-a-half centuries in the series.

Sarfaraz Khan could have easily converted those starts into something sizeable and memorable, but he got out at crucial stages of the match.

In the fifth test match played in Dharamshala, Sarfaraz Khan scored a prolific 56 of 60 deliveries, which included eight fours and one six.

However, just when the stage was set for him to register a big score, Sarfaraz Khan lost his wicket to Shoaib Bashir. Sarfaraz Khan’s dismissal was not very well taken by India’s former opener, Sunil Gavaskar.

In his commentary stint with Jio Cena, Gavaskar said, “The ball was pitched up; it wasn’t short enough for that shot. Goes for it and pays the price. I mean, you are playing the first ball after tea. Give yourself a little sight. Don Bradman said to me, ‘Every ball that I face, even if I am on 200, I think I am on 0.’ And here is [Sarfaraz] playing such a shot as the first ball of the session.”

There might be something about how India’s former opener got quite involved in Sarfaraz Khan’s dismissal. Both of them had a long chat before the test match, with Gavaskar giving Sarfaraz Khan some tips.

Dubai-based businessman Shayam Bhatia, who set up a meeting between the two in his recent interaction, said, “Sunil was telling him that the most important thing is the selection of shots.”

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“It is very important. He was talking to him for around 45 minutes. Then in the match, immediately after tea, he got out to a very stupid shot.

“Sunil was so angry and asked on commentary what he was doing. The next day, Sarfaraz was with me again and said, ‘Sir, please say sorry to Mr. Gavaskar—I made a mistake! I won’t make that mistake again’.”

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