“MS Dhoni did not win the ODI World Cup…”: AB de Villiers Makes A Bold Statement On Former Indian Skipper

AB de Villiers, the former South African batting maestro, recently shared some pearls of wisdom that resonate not only with cricket enthusiasts but with anyone who understands the beauty of collective effort.

First things first, AB de Villiers firmly reminded us that cricket, at its core, is a team game. It’s not about a solitary hero rising to the occasion; it’s about the synergy of players coming together as a unit to achieve greatness.

In a world where we often celebrate individual brilliance, AB de Villiers called out a common misconception – the belief that certain players, like MS Dhoni or Ben Stokes, single-handedly won World Cups. Yes, they played crucial roles, but they were part of a larger ensemble.

Let’s rewind to 2011. MS Dhoni, the charismatic captain of India, led his team to World Cup glory on home soil. It was an unforgettable moment when Dhoni smashed that iconic six against Sri Lanka in Mumbai. He was rightfully awarded the ‘Player of the Match’ for his sublime 91-run innings in the final. But here’s the thing it wasn’t Dhoni alone who clinched the World Cup for India. It was India as a whole, a team effort that brought the trophy home.

Fast forward to 2019, a year etched in cricketing history. Ben Stokes, the fiery left-handed batter, played a pivotal role in England’s dramatic World Cup victory. His heroics in the final against New Zealand were nothing short of legendary. He rightfully earned the title of ‘Player of the Match.’

Yet, once again, it’s essential to remember that it wasn’t Ben Stokes alone who lifted the trophy at Lord’s. It was the entire English team, a collective force that etched their names in the annals of cricket history.

“Cricket is a team game, it’s not a player lifting the World Cup. I see that way too often on social platforms. MS Dhoni did not win the World Cup, India won the World Cup, so keep that in mind. Don’t forget that. Ben Stokes did not lift the trophy in Lord’s back in 2019, it was team England,” said Ab De Villiers.

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AB de Villiers emphasized that winning the World Cup isn’t just about the players on the field. It’s about the coaching staff, the selectors who make tough decisions, the board members who provide support, and the directors who set the vision. It’s about the substitutes who stay ready to step in when needed.

“There’s a lot that goes into winning the World Cup, I think of the coaching staff, the selectors, board members, directors, the players and the substitutes,” he concluded.

In other words, it’s about everyone who contributes to the cricketing ecosystem, both seen and unseen. It’s about the countless hours of practice, the sacrifices, the dedication, and the unwavering belief in the team’s mission.

As we soak in these wise words from AB de Villiers, let’s also look ahead to the much-anticipated ODI World Cup 2023. The cricketing extravaganza is scheduled to take place in India from October 5 to November 19.

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