“KL bhai had told me to spin the ball from…”: Kuldeep Yadav On Tactical Brilliance Against Sri-Lanka In Asia Cup 2023

In the fast-paced world of cricket, success often hinges on moments of tactical brilliance. Such a moment unfolded during the India vs. Sri Lanka Asia Cup Super Fours encounter in Colombo on September 12, where star Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav credited wicketkeeper KL Rahul for a game-changing decision. 

Sadeera Samarawickrama and Charith Asalanka were orchestrating a potentially match-defining partnership. It appeared that they were handling Kuldeep Yadav’s spin with ease, posing a considerable challenge to the Indian team.

KL Rahul, the astute wicketkeeper, recognized the need for a change in strategy. He advised Kuldeep Yadav to alter his line of attack, moving the ball from outside the off-stump. This strategic shift aimed to make it more challenging for the batsman. Kuldeep acknowledged Rahul’s input and made the necessary adjustments.

Rahul’s tactical insight bore fruit as the partnership was shattered when Samarawickrama was stumped. The decision to change the line of attack had paid off, and the Indian team celebrated a crucial breakthrough.

In a video interview with BCCI, Kuldeep Yadav expressed his gratitude to KL Rahul for the game-changing advice. He stated, “KL bhai had told me to spin the ball from outside the off-stump. I was bowling on the middle stump line and that was a bit easier for the batter to manage. So KL bhai told me to get the ball outside the off-stump line, and that worked really well because I also got a lot of drift. So I would thank KL Bhai for that.”

After picking a five-wicket haul, complacency could have crept in, but Kuldeep Yadav remained hungry for more wickets. He credited Suryakumar Yadav for a timely pep talk that refocused his determination.

Kuldeep explained, “I was confident after picking the five-wicket haul, but there was a bit of complacency, and a pep talk with you (SKY) for two minutes made me understand that I need to be hungry once again for the wickets today for my team and should not slack because of the five wickets. So thank you, Surya Bhai, for that.”

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Playing on consecutive days in the Asia Cup could have been physically taxing, but Kuldeep emphasized the importance of mental toughness. He highlighted the motivation to perform consistently for India and the support he received from teammates like Suryakumar Yadav.

Kuldeep further concluded, “When you play for India, you’re always motivated to do well. Even if you have done well in the last game, you want to carry that form and keep on doing well. I have been playing for a while, and I didn’t want to drop off from the performance level. A lot of people have helped me in that, and you’re (SKY) one of them.”

Kuldeep Yadav’s performance in the Asia Cup was nothing short of spectacular. Over two days, he scalped nine wickets, emerging as a key factor in India’s journey to the Asia Cup final.

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