IPL 2023: Why Did Sunil Gavaskar Want Dhoni’s Autograph? Gavaskar Revealed Emotional Inside Story

India’s great batsman and former captain Sunil Gavaskar recently got Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s autograph on his shirt. Legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar, who scored more than 10,000 runs in front of the best bowlers in Test cricket, held the shirt of Mahendra Singh Dhoni near his chest at the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai after the IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings on Sunday.

The real reason Sunil Gavaskar took Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s autograph on his shirt has been revealed by the veteran himself, knowing that the fans will be shocked.

Sunil Gavaskar revealed on Star Sports, “I decided to create a special memory when I got to know about MS Dhoni’s lap of honour. That’s why I ran towards MSD to take his autograph. It was his last home game at Chepauk. Of course, he will get a chance to play here if CSK qualifies for the playoffs. But I decided to make that moment special. I was fortunate enough that someone in the camera unit had a marker pen. So, I am thankful to that person as well.”

“So, I went to Mahi and requested him to sign an autograph on the shirt that I was wearing. It was so nice of him to acknowledge it. It was a very emotional moment for me because this fellow has made immense contributions to Indian Cricket,” Sunil Gavaskar stated emotionally.

When the players of Chennai Super Kings and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were doing rounds of the ground, Sunil Gavaskar immediately ran to Mahi and took out a pen from his pocket and asked him for an autograph. Mahendra Singh Dhoni then smiled, gave his autograph on Sunil Gavaskar’s shirt, and hugged him. This moment made cricket fans all over the world emotional. The fans were very happy that one veteran had hugged another veteran.

This was the last match of Chennai Super Kings at Chepauk ground in the current season. After the match, 41-year-old Dhoni came to the ground with a tennis racket and autographed tennis balls and started giving balls to the spectators present there with the help of a racket. Along with Dhoni, the other players of Chennai Super Kings were also giving balls and T-shirts to the spectators when Gavaskar reached them running from behind, and then Dhoni signed his shirt near his chest.

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