“If you give them even a small…” Virat Kohli Revealed What Motivates Him To Boost His Game Against Australia

The cricket rivalry between India and Australia has been a captivating spectacle, showcasing intense competition and thrilling encounters. One player who thrives on this fierce competition is Virat Kohli. As India prepares for the ICC World Test Championship final against Australia at The Oval, Kohli’s recent interview with Star Sports sheds light on his mindset and the respect he has gained through remarkable performances against his opponents.

In his interview, Kohli emphasized Australia’s competitiveness and high skill level, acknowledging that even a tiny window of opportunity given to them can result in a strong comeback. This realization fuels his motivation to elevate his game to another level against the Australians. Kohli’s statistics against Australia speak for themselves, showcasing his outstanding performance and dominance over the years.

“Australian team is a very competitive side that if you give them even a small window, they will come very hard at you and capitalize. Their skill set is high. That is why my motivation increased even more, and I had to take my game to the next level against them. I have to rise and elevate my game against Australia to beat them.” Virat said in an interview with Star Sports.

In the 24 Test matches he has played against them, Kohli has amassed an impressive 1,979 runs at an average of 48.26, including eight centuries and five half-centuries. His highest score of 186 is a testament to his exceptional talent and determination.

Across all game formats, Kohli’s encounters with Australia extend to a staggering 92 matches. He has accumulated a remarkable total of 4,945 runs at an average of 50.97, further highlighting his consistent brilliance. Kohli’s tally of 16 centuries and 24 half-centuries against this formidable opponent reinforces his ability to deliver exceptional performances when facing the Aussies.

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As the final is set to take place at The Oval, Kohli acknowledges the harsh conditions that lie ahead. He emphasizes the importance of focus, discipline, and adaptability in batting. England’s swinging and seaming conditions pose a significant challenge, as players must choose their shots carefully and display solid technique. Kohli recognizes that the ability to adapt to the situation and needs will be the critical factor in determining the match’s outcome.

“We would not get a flat wicket, and batters must be cautious. We need more focus and have to adapt to the situation and conditions. So we will need more focus and discipline while batting. In England’s swinging and seaming conditions, it is important how you choose the ball to attack; it is the toughest part of batting there. The toughest part about seaming and swing conditions in England is choosing the ball you need to hit, defend or leave. So playing with solid technique is important. Whichever team can adjust and adapt to the conditions, the pitch will win the match,” said Virat.

Kohli also reflects on the transformation of the rivalry between India and Australia. Initially known for its intensity, the rivalry has gradually evolved into mutual respect, particularly after India’s remarkable back-to-back Test series victories in Australia. Kohli highlights the concern the Australian team shows, acknowledging India’s impressive achievements on the field.

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“In the beginning, the rivalry was seen between India and Australia. But after we won the two-Test series in Australia, the rivalry became respected. So when you play against Australia, The respect is visible that they (India) beat us back-to-back in Tests,” Virat added.

106 Test matches mark the history between India and Australia. India has secured 32 victories, while Australia has emerged victorious on 44 occasions, with 29 games ending in a draw and one in a tie.

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