“I am a dad first and a cricketer second…”: Trent Boult’s After Returning To New Zealand Cricket Team

Trent Boult, the seasoned New Zealand fast bowler, has returned to the national team ahead of the upcoming tour of England. After a brief hiatus from international cricket, during which he participated in various T20 leagues across the globe, Boult is once again ready to don the black jersey. His decision to step back from a central contract has raised questions about his future role in New Zealand cricket and his priorities beyond the boundary.

Boult’s notable performances have marked Boult’s international journey, but he chose to explore the T20 leagues after his last appearance in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. This move allowed him to showcase his skills on different pitches, adapt to diverse conditions, and interact with players from around the world. Throughout 2023, Boult showcased his prowess in the International League T20 (ILT20), the Indian Premier League (IPL), and the Major League Cricket (MLC) in the USA. His remarkable feat of taking 23 wickets for MI New York in the MLC contributed significantly to his franchise’s title victory.

Boult’s decision to turn down the central contract while remaining an integral part of the national team speaks volumes about his commitment to both personal growth and the success of the New Zealand cricket team. By participating in crucial tournaments, he continued to contribute to the Kiwi cause even while exploring other avenues. His role as a senior figure within the team remained vital, guiding emerging talents while delivering match-winning performances on the field.

“Nice to be back in New Zealand. It was not easy to move away from the national team. I respected that I have played a lot for my country and want to make the most of my remaining years as a bowler,” he told reporters.

As Boult returns to the national squad, questions arise about his plans beyond the ICC World Cup 2023. When queried about whether he envisions a career as a freelance cricketer or a potential return to New Zealand cricket with a central contract, his response reflects the depth of his character. Putting fatherhood first, Boult acknowledges that his responsibilities as a dad precede his role as a cricketer.

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“I don’t know. I am a dad first and a cricketer second.” Boult answered.

Boult’s sentiment reminds us that despite their achievements on the field, cricketers are individuals with multifaceted lives. His emphasis on being a father first underscores the importance of maintaining a balanced life, where professional aspirations harmonize with personal priorities.

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