Mark Coles Resigns As Pakistan’s Cricket Team Head Coach

In an unexpected turn of events, Mark Coles has announced his resignation as the head coach of the Pakistan Women’s cricket team. The former New Zealand cricketer cited personal reasons for his decision, surprising the cricketing world. Coles, who previously coached the team from 2017 to 2019, was appointed head coach in April 2023 with enthusiasm and high hopes for upcoming events.

Mark Coles was appointed the head coach of the Pakistan Women’s cricket team just a few months before his surprising resignation. At his appointment, Coles expressed his excitement about leading the team in upcoming events. Despite his initial enthusiasm, he did not get an opportunity to lead the team in any matches during his short stint.

Mark Coles’ departure has left the cricketing community speculating about the reasons behind his sudden exit. Notably, he refrained from making any public comments on the matter. While the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) also did not provide any specific details, it can be inferred that there might have been disagreements or issues between Coles and the PCB that led to his decision.

While not elaborating on the circumstances, the PCB acknowledged Coles’ resignation and announced its plans to appoint a new head coach soon. The imminent series against South Africa Women adds urgency to finding a replacement, with the games scheduled to commence in a few days. The PCB indicated that the new head coach’s appointment might not be permanent, leaving room for further changes.

“The PCB would like to extend its gratitude to Mark Coles for his brief stint with the women’s side and wishes him well in his future endeavors. The replacement of Mark Coles will be announced in due course,” PCB said.

The Pakistan Cricket Board thanked Mark Coles for his brief association with the women’s cricket team. Despite the unexpected events, the PCB acknowledged Coles’ contribution during his tenure and extended good wishes for his future endeavors.

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The Pakistan Women’s cricket team’s focus now shifts to the upcoming series against South Africa. The white-ball tour will consist of T20I and ODI matches, with the T20I series taking place from September 1st to 5th. The ODI series will follow, with matches scheduled for September 8th, 11th, and 14th. The sudden coaching change adds an element of uncertainty to the team’s preparation for these crucial fixtures.

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