Not Tilak Varma Or Rinku Singh, Brian Lara Believes This Indian Youngster Can Definitely Be One Of The Best

Brian Lara, the renowned West Indies batting legend, has weighed in on the performance of young Indian pacer Umran Malik. After impressing with his pace in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Umran earned a spot in the Indian cricket team. However, his recent struggles have prompted Lara to provide valuable insights into what it takes to succeed as a fast bowler at the international level.

Umran Malik’s journey from being an IPL standout to earning his T20I and ODI debuts for India in the same year showcases his immense talent and potential. His raw pace initially caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts and experts alike, earning him a spot in the national squad. However, as Lara emphasizes, there’s more to fast bowling than just raw speed.

Lara’s insights shed light on the essential elements separating good fast bowlers from exceptional ones. He underscores that merely relying on pace is not enough to trouble the best players in the world. Lara suggests that Umran needs to add variety to his bowling repertoire, such as swing, seam movement, and change of pace. This diversity will enable him to outsmart batters by introducing uncertainties in their minds, a crucial aspect of international success.

“He will be a sensation, but very quickly, he will have to learn that fast bowling does not trouble the best players in the world. You have to be able to do something with the ball, be sensible, and maybe understand times when you have to trickle back or the times when you have to up the tempo. He is very young and has many years ahead of him,” Lara said on ‘Wake Up With Sorabh’ YouTube channel.

Drawing from the experiences of legendary fast bowlers like Wasim Akram, Malcolm Marshall, and Michael Holding, Lara emphasizes that they all recognized the importance of developing a wide array of skills. While pace might be an initial advantage, the ability to employ various strategies sustains a bowler’s success. Lara suggests that Umran Malik should seek guidance from Dale Steyn, the former South African pacer known for his crafty and versatile approach to fast bowling.

“We have had so many different examples. Wasim Akram was a raw pace, Malcolm Marshall had a destructive pace, and Michael Holding. But they all know that at some point, they had to come up with many more tricks than just being able to bowl fast. If he (Umran Malik) works with Dale Steyn, he could be one of the best India could produce,” he added.

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Lara’s endorsement of Dale Steyn’s mentorship holds immense significance. Currently serving as the bowling coach for SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH), Steyn can provide Umran with valuable insights and techniques to enhance his bowling game. Steyn’s journey from a fast bowler with raw speed to a complete and intelligent performer makes him an ideal candidate to guide Umran toward becoming one of India’s finest.

Brian Lara’s assessment of Umran Malik’s potential and the adjustments he needs to make underscores the crucial role of strategy, variety, and mentorship in a fast bowler’s development. Umran’s dip in form during this year’s IPL is a valuable learning opportunity, encouraging him to focus on honing his skills and embracing a comprehensive approach to fast bowling.

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