‘Being A Waterboy Is Something…’: R Ashwin Revealed Most Challenging Part Of His Cricketing Journey

Ravichandran Ashwin, a seasoned spinner of the Indian cricket team, recently took a trip down memory lane, offering insights into the formative years of his cricketing journey. In a candid discussion on his YouTube channel, Ashwin shared valuable experiences from the early phase of his career, shedding light on how his role as a waterboy and limited playing opportunities shaped his growth as a player.

During the initial years of his cricketing career, Ashwin found himself in the challenging position of being a waterboy for the Indian cricket team. This period, spanning from his entry into the squad in 2009, was marked by limited chances to feature in the starting XI. However, Ashwin’s dedication to the team was unwavering, and he emphasized the significance of those years in terms of his development as a player.

Ashwin acknowledged that while he didn’t have many opportunities to showcase his skills on the field, being a part of the squad provided him with a unique vantage point to observe and learn from his fellow teammates. This period of observation and learning played a pivotal role in shaping his understanding of the game and enhancing his skills.

Stepping into the Indian cricket scene at a time when Harbhajan Singh was a prominent presence in the team, Ashwin faced challenges in finding a consistent spot in the playing XI. Despite these hurdles, he remained an integral part of the squad, traveling and training alongside his teammates. The sparse chances in the starting lineup only fueled his determination to improve and contribute whenever the opportunity arose.

Ashwin’s ODI debut took place in June 2010 against Zimbabwe. However, his next appearance in the field was delayed until October of the same year during a series against Australia. In this series, he participated in just one match. These limited chances, while frustrating, contributed to his resilience and desire to prove himself when given the chance.

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Following the triumphant 2011 World Cup campaign, India underwent a transitional phase in its cricketing journey. This transitional period provided Ashwin with a platform to establish himself as a crucial member of the playing XI. His consistent performances and growing prowess as a spinner earned him a permanent spot in the team’s lineup. This marked a turning point in his career, showcasing his evolution from a waterboy to a mainstay performer on the international stage.

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