‘Harmanpreet Is Mannerless Don’t Know How To…’ Bangladeshi Skipper Strongly Criticises Indian Captain Behaviour

Indian cricket star Harmanpreet Kaur has come under intense criticism following her controversial behavior during the third and final ODI of the series against Bangladesh. The incident occurred when Kaur was given out under contentious circumstances, prompting a surprising reaction from the Indian captain. Her actions have sparked outrage not only from the opposition but also from cricket fans and pundits worldwide. This article delves into the details of the incident and the subsequent fallout.

During the crucial third ODI, Harmanpreet Kaur was controversially given out, leading to an unexpected and heated reaction from her. In frustration, she vented her anger by hitting the stumps with her bat, a display of dissent that is unacceptable in the spirit of the game. Following the match, in the post-match presentation ceremony, Kaur took a direct swipe at the umpires, criticizing their performance and suggesting that their decisions were biased against her team.

Kaur’s behavior during and after the match has been widely condemned by cricket enthusiasts and experts alike. Kaur’s actions, including openly slamming the umpires and showing a lack of respect for their decisions, reflect poorly on her as a player and a captain. Such behavior undermines the integrity of the game and sets a negative example for aspiring cricketers.

In response to Harmanpreet Kaur’s actions, Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana expressed her strong disapproval. She openly blasted the Indian counterpart for her misbehavior with the hosts. According to a report on ESPNcricinfo, Kaur cryptically indicated that the umpires should join the Bangladesh team for the post-series photographs, implying that they were biased in favor of the home team. This cryptic message was perceived as disrespectful by the Bangladeshi skipper, who felt insulted and decided to leave the ceremony with her players.

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Nigar felt insulted and left the ceremony with her players. “It’s her problem but she should have shown manners while dealing with Bangladesh players. I didn’t feel right to be there for the photograph and left with my players. Cricket is a game of respect and discipline,” said Nigar Sultana.

She also refused to accept that umpiring was poor. “They were experienced umpires from international cricket. Their decisions were final even if we like it or not,” she added.

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