Do You Know The Salary Of Cheerleaders? Check All The Details Here

You must have often seen foreign cheerleaders dancing after hitting sixes and fours in IPL matches. Have you ever considered how much money these cheerleaders get? During their dance, they are often victims of the audience’s comments. Despite this, they continue to do their work without showing any anger. This amount is so much that your eyes can remain torn. Today we inform you of the unknown stories of the world of cheerleaders.

First, let us tell you when cheerleaders started in Indian cricket. This started in the year 2008 with IPL. Many foreign cheerleaders come to India every year to participate in the IPL held in March-April. These cheerleaders are residents of small European countries and reach India through agencies. All these girls are professional dancers; throughout the year, they perform similarly in different countries.

Cheerleading has become a major profession in Europe long before its arrival in India. There, cheerleaders are hired in many sports, including football and rugby. Being a professional dancer is one of many conditions for these girls who dance wearing small clothes, and they also have to show formation during games abroad.

Now let’s talk about the money the cheerleaders get. In fact, instead of directly hiring the Salary of Cheerleaders, agencies are contacted by the teams involved in the IPL. After this, contracts are made with those agencies for one season, i.e., about one and a half months. Because of this contract, each cheerleader earns around $20,000, i.e., up to Rs 17 lakh in a season. You cannot even think of getting a huge amount from any profession in just one month.

After the match, those cheerleaders also perform at evening parties (Salary of Cheerleaders). For this, they get separate money. When those cheerleaders return to their countries after the IPL season ends, they have substantial money. Not only this, but they also get a celebrity-like status when they come to India, and people are eager to get their autographs.

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