Chris Gayle Predicts ICC ODI World Cup 2023 Semi-Finalists, Big Team Eliminated

Renowned West Indies opener Chris Gayle, popularly known as the Universe Boss, has shared his predictions for the semi-finalist teams in the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup 2023. Gayle believes that Pakistan, India, England, and New Zealand will be the four teams to make it to the semi-finals, leaving five-time champion Australia out of the mix.

In an interview with PTI, 43-year-old Gayle highlighted the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan, stating that these matches attract global attention. He expressed his opinion that players from both teams should demand higher compensation from the ICC for participating in these highly anticipated matches.

Gayle emphasized that the India-Pakistan encounters generate significant revenue through television viewership, indicating that players should seek a larger share of the profits. While Gayle acknowledged that he does not have control over the cricket boards or the ICC, he expressed his stance, stating that if he were in the players’ position, he would demand higher remuneration for such high-profile matches.

Chris Gayle said, “Whenever India and Pakistan play, especially in the World Cup, they raise a huge amount. One match can take care of an entire ICC event. The players of Pakistan and India should demand more money in those matches as these matches sell heavily on TV. I don’t control the board or the ICC. If I were in the place of these players, I would have demanded more money.”

Additionally, Gayle expressed his confidence in his former Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate and Indian batting sensation Virat Kohli. He believes Kohli will dominate the 2023 ODI World Cup batting records. Despite Kohli’s recent struggles with form, Gayle firmly believes that the Indian captain will bounce back and emerge as a top performer in the tournament, which is scheduled to begin on October 5.

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Chris Gayle’s predictions and insights excite the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup 2023, while his advocacy for increased pay in India-Pakistan matches raises important discussions about revenue sharing and compensation for players participating in marquee encounters.

West Indies batting great Chris Gayle has backed his former Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate and India star batsman Virat Kohli to dominate the 2023 ODI World Cup batting records.

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