Breaking News: ICC May Take Away Hosting Rights From BCCI Of Next Year 50 Over World Cup

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) will host the 2023 ICC Men’s ODI World Cup. Still, now hosting nation India is in deep trouble because of some tax disputes from the central government of India. The conflict between ICC and BCCI has come into the limelight, and the ICC may take away the hosting responsibility from India.

The next ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 is scheduled to hold in India in October-November, but BCCI will not give any tax exemption to ICC for this event.

In 2016, when BCCI hosted the World Cup, the dispute came in, and even then, BCCI couldn’t provide any tax exemption to ICC, and as a result, ICC had to pay 190 crores from their share.

The same things will happen in the upcoming world cup 2023. ICC wants tax exemption from the central government of India. Still, according to the policy of the Indian government, they never provide any tax exemption on this type of event, and if it happens in the 2023 World cup, ICC must pay 900 crores from their treasury.

At the start of the 2022 financial year, BCCI had advised that delivering a 10% tax exemption could be the interim measure for the 2023 event. But ICC now wants a 20% tax exemption for the broadcasting revenue from the tax authority in India. BCCI is still negotiating with the ICC to reduce their tax surcharge to 10.92% from 21.84%.

“It’s BCCI’s money. If the ICC can’t settle this issue before the World Cup arrives and end up deducting it from India’s revenue share from the ICC, even this will end up in a legal battle. What will the government tell its tax-paying citizens? That the only sport in this country that earns money will be exempt from taxes? How well will that sit? There’s no way the government will say anything on this,” report from the source.

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