“Arrest Him For…”: Fans Demand Strict Action Against MS Dhoni, Check Full Report

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fondly known as Captain Cool, has maintained a low profile despite his immense cricketing fame. Recently, he was spotted in the USA, but now he’s back in his hometown, Ranchi. However, his return home hasn’t been without its share of positive and negative attention.

The internet was abuzz when a video showed Dhoni giving a young cricketer from Jharkhand a ride on his Yamaha RD350. The lucky youngster recorded his journey back home in a stroke of fate, turning it into a vlog. For cricket enthusiasts, this was a moment of a lifetime, riding pillion with one of India’s greatest cricketing icons.

Seeing Dhoni on a bike or a car on Ranchi’s roads is expected. The former Indian skipper has always had a deep affinity for automobiles, especially bikes. His collection includes some of the most luxurious and high-end vehicles. Dhoni often takes these mean machines out for a spin, relishing the joy of the open road.

While the video brought smiles to many faces, it also sparked controversy. Fans and environmentalists pointed out the visible exhaust emissions from Dhoni’s bike. Like many other cities, Ranchi grapples with air pollution, and seeing a celebrity contribute to it didn’t sit well with the public.

Another aspect that drew criticism was Dhoni and his pillion rider not wearing helmets. Road safety is a paramount concern, and even a seasoned rider like Dhoni should set an example by wearing protective gear. This lapse didn’t go unnoticed and added fuel to the debate around responsible biking.

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Here are some of the reactions from the fans.

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