Will The Indian Team Travel To Pakistan? ICC Delegation Expresses Satisfaction With Pakistan’s Capability To Host ICC Tournaments

The International Cricket Council (ICC) delegation, led by Chairman Greg Barclay and Chief Executive Officer Geoff Allardice, concluded their visit to Pakistan with positive remarks about the country’s capability to host the 2025 Champions Trophy. The delegation also hinted at mediating between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to ensure Pakistan’s participation in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup.

During their visit, the ICC delegation expressed their satisfaction with Pakistan’s efforts to create a peaceful sporting event environment. Chairman Greg Barclay commended Pakistan as a peaceful country for sports and emphasized the ICC’s confidence in its ability to organize international tournaments.

One of the key discussions revolved around the participation of the Pakistani cricket team in the ICC Cricket World Cup, scheduled for October-November. The ICC sought assurances from the PCB regarding their team’s involvement in the tournament and urged them not to insist on implementing a hybrid model for their matches.

PCB Chief Najam Sethi stated that Pakistan would refuse to travel to India for the ICC Cricket World Cup if the Indian team did not visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup. The BCCI expressed concerns that accepting the PCB’s proposed hybrid model for the Asia Cup could lead to a similar request for the ICC Cricket World Cup.

In response, Sethi mentioned that if the Pakistani government did not approve the team’s visit to India, the PCB would request the ICC to hold the matches at a neutral venue. However, this would be a significant setback for both the ICC and the BCCI, as an India-Pakistan match held in India attracts a packed stadium and brings economic success to both boards.

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Furthermore, the PCB chief emphasized that if the Asia Cup were relocated from Pakistan to a neutral country, the Pakistani team would not participate. Despite the endorsement of the hybrid model by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), the BCCI still shows reluctance, which could potentially result in the Asia Cup being taken away from Pakistan.

The ICC delegation also visited the National Cricket Academy and Museum, acknowledging Pakistan’s rich cricketing heritage and facilities.

As discussions continue between the PCB and the BCCI, the role of the ICC as a mediator holds significance in finding a resolution that ensures fair participation and upholds the spirit of the game. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await a positive outcome, recognizing the importance of India-Pakistan matches in the cricketing landscape.

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