Virendra Sehwag To Be Named As India’s Chief Selector?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) finds itself searching for a new chief selector as former India cricketer Chetan Sharma stepped down following a sting operation. The absence of a regular chief selector has led to speculations about the appointment of Virender Sehwag, former India opener, to the position. However, recent reports indicate that Sehwag is not interested in the role due to salary-related concerns. The BCCI is now faced with the task of enticing prominent ex-cricketers to join the selection committee by offering better compensation.

The sudden resignation of Chetan Sharma as the chief selector left the Indian cricket team without a regular head of the selection committee. In response, former India cricketer Shiv Sundar Das has taken charge of the committee in the interim. However, discussions have been underway regarding Virender Sehwag’s potential appointment as the chief selector and representative of the North Zone.

According to reports, Sehwag has been approached by the BCCI for the role. Despite being considered a strong candidate, it appears that Sehwag is reluctant to take up the position due to salary concerns. The reports suggest that the salary offered to selectors is not up to Sehwag’s expectations, especially in comparison to the remuneration received by the current chairman of selectors, which can be as high as one crore.

It is worth noting that Sehwag has previously expressed interest in coaching, with the BCCI showing interest in him taking up the head coach’s role in the past. However, the position ultimately went to Anil Kumble. The recent revelation from a top BCCI official indicates that Sehwag is likely to reject the chief selector role due to the comparatively lower salary.

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The official further emphasizes the importance of enticing prominent ex-cricketers to join the selection committee. It is believed that former players possess strong cricketing acumen and can make tough decisions, which is a crucial requirement for the chairman of selectors. The official suggests that increasing the salary package to 4-5 crores should not be a significant challenge for the BCCI and would encourage more distinguished ex-cricketers to contribute their expertise to the selection committee.

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