Unveiling the Brilliance Behind Bumrah’s “No Ego”

Bumrah has been working constantly on his variations. For continuous improvement, Jasprit Bumrah is ready to sacrifice his ego. Jasprit Bumrah is trying to use different variations depending on the conditions and does not want to be a “one-trick pony.”. 

Speaking about his performance, Jasprit Bumrah said, “You don’t always have to bowl a yorker; sometimes you bowl a yorker, sometimes a short ball. There is no ego in this format. You can bowl at 145 kmph, but sometimes it is important to bowl slower balls.” 
Bumrah was phenomenal with the ball consistently, but his fellow teammates were not able to create pressure with the ball.

Speaking about the same, Jasprit Bumrah said, “In this format, it is very harsh for the bowlers. I try not to be a one-trick pony; I have worked on this early in my career.” 

Jasprit Bumrah said preparation plays a very important role before matches. 

Speaking about the same, Jasprit Bumrah said, “People start to line you up. I want to have different skills. Bowling is tough because you will have to take a beating.” 

“When things have not worked out for me, the next day, I have seen the videos and analyzed what did not work. Preparation is always the key. It’s important to keep pushing yourself before a game.

“I am very happy with the outcome. I will never say I wanted to take a five-for. The wicket was sticky, and I am very happy with the contribution.”

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