Shubman Gill’s Selection Is Based On Favoritism, Not On Performance

Shubman Gill, regarded as one of the brightest young batting talents in international cricket, has faced difficulties in performing consistently in overseas conditions. Following his underwhelming display in the World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia, Gill has once again disappointed in the ongoing Test series in the West Indies. Criticism, including from a parody account of former player Venkatesh Prasad, questions Gill’s place in the playing XI and highlights concerns about his average and the potential opportunities for other deserving players.

A parody account impersonating former India player Venkatesh Prasad has expressed doubts about Gill’s place in the Playing XI. The account criticized Gill’s performances, highlighting his average of 30 after 30 innings in international cricket, which is deemed ordinary. It also mentioned the presence of other talented players in good form, such as Prithvi Shaw and Sarfaraz Khan, who deserve an opportunity ahead of Gill. The account went on to suggest that Gill’s selection might be based on favoritism rather than performance, alluding to inconsistencies in his performances. The parody account’s comments reflect concerns shared by some regarding the selection process and the persistence of giving chances to certain players despite inconsistent performances.

“I have a lot of regard for Shubman Gill’s talent and ability, but sadly his performances have been well below par. A test average of 30 after 30 Innings in international cricket is ordinary. Can’t think of many who have been given so many chances,” he wrote.

Shubman Gill’s struggles in overseas conditions have become a cause for concern. While his talent and potential are widely acknowledged, his performances have not lived up to expectations, particularly in matches played away from home. The parody account’s criticism raises valid points about Gill’s average and the presence of other deserving players waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves at the international level.

“When there are so many waiting in the wings & in top form. Shaw is in sublime form , Sarfaraz has been scoring tons in FC cricket and many who deserve a chance ahead of Gill. Some are just lucky to be given chances endlessly till they succeed while some aren’t allowed to,” he added.

“Gill’s selection is not based on performance but favouritism . Has been Consistently inconsistent .One of the reasons why many ex-cricketers aren’t vocal despite seeing such favouritism,” he concluded.

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Consistency is a vital aspect of success in international cricket, especially when playing in challenging conditions. While Gill has shown promise in certain matches, he needs to establish a more reliable and consistent performance record to solidify his place in the team. Additionally, the selection process should prioritize fair and merit-based decisions, considering the form and performances of other talented players who are waiting for an opportunity to represent the country.

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