PCB Set To Send Security Delegation To India For Security Arrangements In ODI World Cup 2023

The anticipation surrounding the ICC World Cup 2023 intensifies as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) navigates security concerns ahead of their team’s visit to India for the tournament. Despite the Pakistan government’s approval, the PCB is taking proactive steps by sending a security delegation to assess the safety measures for the event. The contentious India-Pakistan cricket rivalry has amplified the need for robust security arrangements, particularly in light of the concerns about the Ahmedabad venue.

To ensure their players’ safety, the PCB has decided to send a security delegation to evaluate the security arrangements in India. The assessment is in response to lingering security concerns that have arisen despite the Pakistan government’s green light for the team’s travel to India.

The recent stampede-like situation during the IPL 2023 Final at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium has raised alarm bells within the PCB. This incident has fueled concerns about the potential for large crowds and security challenges during the high-stakes India-Pakistan match scheduled at the same venue during the World Cup.

The PCB’s request for written security guarantees from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the International Cricket Council (ICC) highlights the seriousness with which they are approaching the issue. Amid the politically charged nature of the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, ensuring the safety of the players remains a top priority for both cricketing bodies.

“We expect that the Pakistan Cricket Team’s full safety and security will be ensured during its visit to India,” the Foreign Officer stated.
The PCB’s evolving stance reflects the complexities of cricket diplomacy, politics, and the desire to uphold the spirit of the sport. Despite earlier tensions and a refusal to travel to India for the Asia Cup, the PCB has chosen to send their cricket team to compete in the ICC World Cup, emphasizing their belief in keeping sports and politics separate.

The PCB reiterated their stance, “Pakistan has consistently stated that sports and politics should not be intertwined. As a result, it has chosen to send its cricket team to India to compete in the forthcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.”

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The PCB’s commitment to the World Cup is commendable, and the security delegation’s assessment in India will play a crucial role in assuaging concerns and building confidence. The forthcoming dialogue between the PCB, BCCI, and ICC holds the potential to address security issues and ensure a safe environment for the players during the tournament.

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