“He’s going to be part of some…”: Cricket Australia Explains Why Marnus Labuschagne Will Miss The ODI World Cup 2023

As cricketing nations gear up for the highly anticipated ICC ODI World Cup, team selections and omissions are subjects of keen scrutiny. Former Australia batsman and current Aussie chief selector George Bailey shed light on excluding Marnus Labuschagne from the World Cup squad, highlighting the need for consistent performance as a key factor in the decision-making process. Despite not cutting for the tournament, Labuschagne’s potential and skill set have not gone unnoticed, as he is set to play a role in Australia’s white-ball cricket in the future.

George Bailey provided insights into the reasoning behind Marnus Labuschagne’s absence from the ICC ODI World Cup squad. Bailey noted that while Labuschagne possesses the talent to excel at the international level, his consistency in performing the desired role for the team has not been sustained. Labuschagne’s intermittent displays have led to his exclusion, as the selectors look for reliable players who consistently contribute to the team’s success.

Acknowledging Labuschagne’s potential, Bailey revealed that the player would be allowed to focus on white-ball cricket through Australia A games. This move aims to provide Labuschagne with a platform to refine his skills and hone his performance in the shorter format, increasing his chances of returning to the ODI squad.

“We know Marnus at his best is good enough to hold down a spot in the one-day team, we just haven’t seen enough of it consistently in the role that we’d like him to do. We’ve been really clear with Marnus; he’s going to be part of some Australia A games at the same time so he can focus on some white-ball cricket,” George Bailey said on Marnus Labuschagne.

George Bailey expressed confidence in Labuschagne’s abilities, emphasizing that the player’s skill set and age suggest he has a significant role to play in one-day cricket for Australia. While the current ODI squad headed to South Africa holds the primary contenders for World Cup spots, Labuschagne’s future in the format remains promising. Bailey refrained from offering a specific timeline for Labuschagne’s return to the ODI fold but underlined the player’s potential to contribute meaningfully.

“Clearly, the squad that we’ve got going to South Africa have the front-running for that. But Marnus, the skillset he has, we’ve got no doubt that he’ll play a part in one-day cricket in the future. I couldn’t give you a time on when that will be, but certainly, we know at his best he can play a really important role,” Bailey further added on Marnus Labuschagne.

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Australia’s plan for Labuschagne’s involvement in three A games in the coming months indicates an opportunity to prove his mettle and stake a claim for a spot in the World Cup squad. Participating in these matches presents Labuschagne with a final opportunity to showcase his form and determination before the World Cup.

Labuschagne’s recent stint in the Ashes 2023 series against England showcased moments of brilliance but also revealed inconsistencies. While he didn’t maintain the desired performance level, his talent and potential are undeniable, making his resurgence in the ODI format a matter of time and effort.

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