“Over 3,000 people lost their lives, many houses were destroyed, so this win will…”: Rashid Khan Emotional Speech After Defeating Defending Champions England

In the wake of Afghanistan’s remarkable 69-run victory over England in the World Cup, star spinner Rashid Khan expressed his hopes that this win would bring smiles to his countrymen and provide a glimmer of solace after enduring a series of devastating earthquakes. 

Afghanistan’s victory over defending champions England was nothing short of a World Cup upset. In an interview with broadcasters, Rashid Khan emphasized the significance of this win, stating, “This is a big win for us. This performance makes us believe we can beat any side on any day. It will give us the energy for the rest of the World Cup.” The win was a testament to the team’s determination and potential to shine globally.

In recent times, Afghanistan has faced numerous challenges, particularly the devastation caused by strong earthquakes and aftershocks that claimed the lives of thousands and razed countless villages. On the same day as their World Cup victory, a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck western Afghanistan, a stark reminder of the nation’s adversity.

“Cricket is something that brings joy to the people back home. Winning the game against England is big for us. Recently, we had an earthquake back home. Over 3,000 people lost their lives, many houses were destroyed, so this win will put a little bit of smile on their faces and maybe, they can little bit forget those days.”

Mujeeb Ur Rahman was awarded the Player of the Match for his exceptional all-round performance and displayed remarkable compassion. He dedicated his award to his countrymen affected by the earthquakes, saying, “I want to dedicate this award to the people back home who have been affected by the earthquake. We could do this as a team, and I could do myself as a player.”

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The victory over England is a source of immense pride for the Afghan team. Rashid Khan acknowledged, “It is a very proud moment to be here at the World Cup and beat the champions. It was a great achievement for the whole team, and we have been working hard for this opportunity. It was a wonderful performance by the bowlers and the batters.”

Amid adversity, Afghanistan’s cricket team has made history and demonstrated the power of resilience and unity. Their remarkable win stands as a symbol of hope for their nation.

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