“Out” Or “Not-Out”….ICC Provided Its Verdict On Controversial Catch Of Neser In BBL Season 12

On Sunday, Michael Neser’s sensational but controversial catch helped Brisbane Heat to clinch the match by 15 runs from Sydney Sixers. Chasing the target of 225 runs, Sydney’s player bowled out on 205 in 20 overs and lost the match by just 15 runs.

At the moment in the match, it was anticipated that Sydney could win the game because of Silk’s dazzling innings, but in the 19th over of the match, Nesser took a sensational catch of Silk and sent him back to the pavilion and helped his team in sealing the victory.

Silk slammed the fuller-length delivery to the leg side of the long-off. Nesser ran and jumped to take the catch, and he managed, but then he realized that he was going over the ropes. Then, he tried tossing it up but went over the fence. He jumped again, taking it and then lobbing it back into play, jumped out, and caught it again. The catch was referred upstairs, and replays showed that it was a clean catch umpire discussed together and gave the decision as “OUT.” After which Sydney Sixes lost the match.

The effort done by Nesser in taking that catch was getting applauded from all over the world, but some cricket fans and experts are questioning that giving it out wasn’t a good decision. And this decision became controversial in the cricketing world.

After so many controversies, ICC passed a verdict on this decision and explained all the incidents, and then they mentioned that the decision taken by the umpires was correct.

“Neser’s initial contact with the ball, the timing of his jump, and the eventual catch were all within the game’s laws, and the batter was correctly declared out. It is important to note that as long as the fielder’s first touch of the ball is inside the boundary line, they are allowed to finish the catch however they like, provided their feet are not grounded with the ball over the boundary.” the ICC said.

Further, we have explained the law of the International Cricket Council.

According to ICC’s Law 19.5.2:- “A fielder who is not in contact with the ground is considered grounded beyond the boundary. If his/her final contact with the ground, before his/her first contact with the ball after the bowler has delivered it, was not entirely within the boundary.”

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