“My workload is twice or thrice as anyone else’s…”: Hardik Pandya On All-Rounder Tag

In cricket, Hardik Pandya’s name shines bright like a star. His journey from injury setbacks to being a captain and a vital player for the Indian cricket team is remarkable. This article delves into the astounding rise of this all-rounder, his incredible performances, and the persistent debate surrounding his absence from Test cricket.

Hardik Pandya’s resurgence in the cricketing world began after he made a remarkable comeback from a back injury. His fans eagerly awaited his return, and he didn’t disappoint. Notably, he led the Gujarat Titans to victory in his maiden season as captain in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Hardik’s exceptional skills and leadership qualities led to his appointment as the captain of T20Is and deputy leader in the fifty-over format for the Indian cricket team. His journey to leadership roles showcased his growth and maturity as a player.

Hardik Pandya’s mettle truly shone during an ODI against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. Arriving at the crease with India struggling at 66/4, he not only played a counter-attacking innings but also built a solid partnership with Ishan Kishan. His brilliant knock of 87 rescued India and propelled them to a competitive total of 266. Had rain not intervened, he could’ve also made an impact with the ball.

“As an all-rounder, my workload is twice or thrice as anyone else. When a batter in the team goes and bats and finishes his batting and is heading home, I’ll still be bowling after that. So for me, all the managing, all the pushing, and everything happens during the sessions or my training or my pre-camp season,” Hardik said on Star Sports.

“When the game arrives, it is more about whatever the team requires, and the managing side goes out of the park, and it is more practical calls that how many overs are needed for me. Because if 10 overs are not needed, there is no point in me bowling 10 overs, but if 10 overs are needed, then I’ll be bowling. I always believed that I give myself a chance to succeed, which is by reading the game, which is by backing myself because I have always believed that when we go as a believer, when I’m standing there, yes, my ten players, my ten brothers are around me, but at the same point of time I’m alone.”

Hardik’s ability to perform in high-pressure situations makes him an invaluable asset in the lower-middle order in white-ball cricket. His aggressive batting and handy bowling skills have won India numerous crucial matches.

One of the burning questions in Indian cricket is Hardik Pandya’s absence from Test cricket. His last appearance in the longest format was in 2018, and since then, he has refrained from playing Test matches.

Hardik has repeatedly mentioned that Test cricket is not his immediate priority. He has cited workload management as a significant reason for this decision. As an all-rounder, he faces a heavier workload than most players, with responsibilities in both batting and bowling. He explained this further during an interview: “My workload is twice or thrice as anyone else’s. I must carefully manage my training, practice sessions, and pre-camp season.”

Hardik Pandya emphasizes the importance of self-belief in his game. He acknowledges the pressure and expectations but firmly believes in backing himself, whether bowling or batting. According to him, self-confidence is a guiding light toward success.

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“When bowling, I have to back myself to the fullest because the opposition, the batter, they want me to make a mistake. At the same point of time, as a batter, yes, two people are batting, he is there with me fighting, but there are also eleven on the ground against me, and at the same point of time, it could be the crowd or anything.

“So what I have realized is that no matter what happens, you have to back yourself, you have to believe that you are the best in the world. That does not guarantee you success, but at the same point of time, it does give you and it does guide you to work towards success, so practically back yourself.”

Hardik Pandya’s journey in cricket is a testament to his resilience, talent, and dedication. His remarkable performances in white-ball cricket have made him a key player for Team India. While his absence from Test cricket continues to spark debates, Hardik remains unwavering in his commitment to back himself and excel in whatever format he plays.

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