“Major League Cricket can surpass the Indian Premier League…” Star English Pacer On MLC

Liam Plunkett, former England seamer and now a participant in Major League Cricket (MLC) representing the San Francisco Unicorns, believes that the MLC has the potential to become the second-most popular T20 franchise tournament globally, trailing only the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Plunkett asserts that America’s serious approach to the MLC, coupled with the vast sports market in the United States, makes it an ideal platform to promote and grow the sport of cricket.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Plunkett expressed his confidence in the MLC’s future and its ability to challenge the supremacy of the IPL. While acknowledging the difficulty of surpassing the IPL’s immense popularity, Plunkett highlighted the MLC’s growing prominence and emphasized the vast untapped potential within the American sports market. With the inaugural MLC season underway, the league’s relative novelty and unpredictability present an exciting opportunity for cricket to capture the attention of a new audience.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Plunkett stated, “It can be right there, just behind the IPL. It will be challenging to surpass the IPL, but the MLC is being taken seriously, and America is the largest sports market in the world. The exciting thing is that no one knows; thus, it is unknown. There is enormous potential.”

Plunkett believes that Americans, much like their Indian counterparts, possess a passionate and enthusiastic nature when it comes to sports. He observed that when Americans become genuinely excited about something, they wholeheartedly embrace it. Plunkett’s optimism stems from the enthusiastic response from American cricket fans and the presence of notable international players joining the league. This growing interest and commitment from players and fans indicate the MLC’s potential to gain significant traction.

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He said, “Americans go above and beyond when enthused about something. They are highly emotional, just like the Indians. These players’ arrival shows there is a great deal of excitement. They are interested in being here because it could be enormous if it succeeds.”

The IPL is the most-watched T20 franchise tournament globally, with a consistently expanding viewership. Plunkett acknowledges the challenges in surpassing the IPL’s established status, but he remains optimistic about the MLC’s prospects in the long run. As the MLC continues to gain momentum and attract top-tier talent, Plunkett envisions it becoming a significant player in the cricketing world, rivaling the IPL’s popularity and influence.

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