Jofra Archer’s Old Tweet Goes Viral After Ben Stokes Drops Steve Smith In The 5th Ashes Test

In an unfortunate twist, Jofra Archer’s six-year-old tweet about Ben Stokes’ fielding in the slip position resurfaced during the fifth Ashes Test at Kia Oval. England’s skipper, Ben Stokes, dropped a crucial catch of Steve Smith on Day 5, which significantly impacted the match’s outcome. The moment of irony caught the attention of fans and media alike, as Archer’s past comment about Stokes’ fielding seemed to mirror the dropped catch incident.

Just before lunch, the pivotal moment occurred during the 66th of Australia’s second innings. England’s spinner, Moeen Ali, delivered a turning and bouncing ball that caught Steve Smith on the glove, resulting in a pop-up catch. Stokes reacted quickly, positioning himself at leg gully to take the catch and seemingly secure a wicket for England. However, in the moment’s excitement, he lost control of the ball as his right hand collided with his right knee, leading to the ball popping out of his grasp.

As fans and media discussed the dropped catch incident, Jofra Archer’s tweet from 2014 gained traction on social media.

In the tweet, Archer expressed his views on Stokes’ fielding in the slip position, saying, “Ben in slip kills me.” The resurgence of this tweet added an element of unfortunate irony to the situation, as it foreshadowed the dropped catch in the Ashes Test.

The dropped catch of Steve Smith proved to be a crucial moment in the fifth Ashes Test. Smith scored a century, playing a vital role in Australia’s victory in the match and retaining the Ashes urn. Stokes’ missed opportunity to dismiss Smith allowed the Australian batsman to build a strong partnership and ultimately influence the match’s outcome.

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Fans and cricket enthusiasts took to social media to discuss the coincidence between Archer’s old tweet and the dropped catch incident. Some found the situation amusing, while others expressed their sympathy for Stokes, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of cricket and the irony of the tweet resurfacing at such a momentous occasion.

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