“I beat Babar Azam but didn’t…” Shahid Afridi On His Conversation With Babar Azam

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi recently shared an interesting anecdote about his encounter with current skipper Babar Azam. Afridi revealed he didn’t let Babar feel demotivated after beating him in a pool match at his residence.

Both Afridi and Babar are hailed as two of the best players to have emerged from Pakistan cricket. Afridi, a formidable all-rounder, played a pivotal role in winning numerous matches for the national team. At the same time, Babar has established himself as one of the finest batsmen in the world.

In a recent gathering, Afridi invited the Pakistan team, including Babar, to his home in Karachi for dinner. During the gathering, the senior pro and the current skipper engaged in a friendly pool match, with Afridi emerging as the winner. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by the duo delighted fans.

Afridi shared that despite winning the pool game, he ensured Babar didn’t feel upset or demotivated. Instead, he motivated him and ensured his spirits remained high. Afridi humorously mentioned that Babar’s confidence during a subsequent press conference resulted from his positive behaviour following their game.

“I beat Babar Azam in the pool match but didn’t let him get demotivated. I motivated him, so that is why he looked confident in today’s press conference,” Afridi explained during an interview with a Pakistani news channel.

Apart from discussing his encounter with Babar, Afridi also emphasized the significance of rest for players. He revealed that he had spoken to Imam-ul-Haq and Sarfaraz Ahmed, who are set to play continuously for eight months. Afridi believes it is essential for the selection committee and coaching staff to ensure players receive enough rest during such packed schedules.

“I had a chat with Imam-ul-Haq and Sarfaraz [Ahmed] that they have to play cricket without any gaps for the next eight months, so there is no doubt that there should be a backup plan in place for them, and players will need adequate rest as well during that time,” Afridi elaborated.

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Afridi’s words highlight the importance of managing players’ workloads and maintaining their physical and mental well-being. It becomes crucial to avoid burnout and maximize performance, especially during extended periods of continuous cricket.

“It is the responsibility of the selection committee and the coaching staff regarding how they go about these next eight months of cricket,” he elaborated.

The Pakistan team is preparing for their upcoming tour of Sri Lanka, where they will compete in a two-Test series. The first Test is scheduled to commence on July 16 at the Galle International Stadium. As the team moves forward, the lessons of motivation and rest highlighted by Afridi can play a significant role in their success on the field.

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