“I am not going to try…” Rohit Sharma Emphasizes The Challenges Of Batting In England Just Ahead of WTC Final

As the highly anticipated World Test Championships (WTC) final between India and Australia approaches, Indian batsman Rohit Sharma shed light on the difficulties batters face while playing in England. With the ever-changing conditions and challenging pitches, Rohit believes there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance when achieving success on English tracks.

During an ICC event called ‘Afternoon With Test Legends,’ Rohit, who has enjoyed the best batting average (50 plus) among his teammates since the inception of the tournament, discussed the challenges of playing in England alongside renowned cricketers Pat Cummins, Ross Taylor, and Ian Bell.

Sharing his experience from the four Tests against England in 2021, Rohit emphasized that batsmen are never fully ‘in’ and that the weather constantly changes. Therefore, it becomes crucial to maintain concentration for longer periods and develop the intuition to assess the right moments to take on the bowlers. Understanding one’s strengths and adapting to the conditions are essential to success on English pitches.

“I think, in England in general, it’s pretty challenging conditions for batters. You can succeed if you are prepared to have a good grind. I realized in 2021 that you are never in (set), and the weather keeps changing. You need to keep concentrating for longer periods of time, and you will get that intuition when it’s time to take on the bowlers,” the skipper said.

Known for his analytical approach to the game, Rohit acknowledged the value of studying the scoring patterns of former players who have been successful at the Oval, the venue for the WTC final. While he doesn’t aim to replicate their techniques, having insights into their approaches can be beneficial. Rohit also noted that the square boundaries at the Oval are relatively quick, which adds another aspect to consider while batting.

“I am not going to try and emulate them (successful players), but it would be a bit nice to know their pattern of scoring. What I have found out at Oval is that the square boundaries are pretty quick,” the Indian skipper said.

Switching between formats for over a decade, Rohit acknowledges the challenges that come with it but enjoys adapting his technique as per the requirements of each format. He emphasized the importance of mental adaptability and self-reflection to perform consistently. While some younger players may be new to this experience, Rohit believes that the team’s collective experience and strong performances over the years will help them succeed.

“That (change of formats) certainly has been the challenging factor. You need to be talking to yourself and get mentally ready. A lot of our younger guys haven’t done that,” the captain said.

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Despite his numerous achievements in limited-overs cricket, Rohit considers Test cricket the ultimate format. He appreciates the challenges it presents and believes that it brings out the best in players. With India’s recent success in Test cricket, Rohit aims to overcome the final hurdle and instil confidence in the younger players, allowing them to express themselves freely on the field.

As the WTC final unfolds, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await Rohit Sharma’s performance, hoping to witness his adaptability and resilience in the challenging conditions of English cricket.

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