“He tried to dab it down and come back for two but…”: Kiwi Pacer On Iconic MS Dhoni Run-Out In 2019 ODI World Cup Semifinal

New Zealand fast bowler Lockie Ferguson took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the unforgettable moment when he was part of the iconic run-out that saw the dismissal of legendary Indian cricketer MS Dhoni’s dismissal during the 2019 Cricket World Cup semifinal. Ferguson, bowling the crucial penultimate over of the match, shared his insights into the dramatic event that turned the tide in favor of the Kiwis, eventually leading to their victory over India by 18 runs and marking Dhoni’s last international match.

Lockie Ferguson began by showering praise on MS Dhoni for his incredible match-finishing abilities, referring to him as a “clutch” who thrives in high-pressure moments. He acknowledged that when a player of Dhoni’s stature walks back to the pavilion, it relieves the opposition, given Dhoni’s remarkable reputation for steering his team to victory in challenging situations.

“You can say all the adjectives and superlatives you want about Dhoni. He is clutch and turns up during the big moments, so when you see the back of him, it gives you some comfort. It was amazing to finish that game mid-afternoon and enjoy the celebrations. It was pretty surreal at the time,” Ferguson told ESPNCricinfo.

Recalling the pivotal moment in the match, Ferguson explained that after Dhoni hit a six off the first ball of his over, he recovered with a dot ball. Dhoni attempted a double on the third delivery, but his ambitions were thwarted by a brilliant direct hit from Martin Guptill, resulting in Dhoni’s run-out. This crucial turning point shifted the momentum firmly in New Zealand’s favor.

Ferguson discussed his strategy against MS Dhoni, mentioning that he knew Dhoni’s proficiency with the “helicopter shot” off his pads. He initially believed Dhoni was leaving deliveries to set up a ball bowled towards him. However, in the following over (the 49th), Dhoni unleashed a remarkable shot just over the point fielder for a boundary. This forced Ferguson to alter his approach, targeting Dhoni’s ribs and making him uncomfortable at the crease.

“I know how strong he’s with the helicopter off his pads, so I thought he was letting deliveries go to let me bowl towards him. In the next over (49th), he was biding his time a little bit, and he hit that amazing shot just over the top of the point. That was a big boundary, and he managed to get it just over, forcing me to go closer to him and get it up under his ribs,” he said.

Ferguson also admired Martin Guptill’s fielding prowess and the sensational throw that led to Dhoni’s run-out. Despite Guptill’s relatively challenging tournament, he rose to the occasion when it mattered most and showcased his world-class fielding abilities. Ferguson was delighted for his teammate, highlighting Guptill’s consistent ability to produce something special off his bowling.

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“He tried to dab it down and come back for two. Guppy (Martin Guptill) didn’t quite have the tournament that he dreamt of, but I think, for that moment, he was more than world-class. I was so happy for him. He’s one of the great fielders, and the thing I love about Guppy is: he always seems to do something special off my bowling,” he concluded.

As New Zealand travels to India for the upcoming ODI World Cup, Lockie Ferguson’s experience in IPL conditions will be invaluable. The Kiwi pacer will once again be tasked with troubling opposition batsmen, and the memories of the iconic Dhoni run-out from the 2019 World Cup will undoubtedly serve as motivation and a reminder of the impact a single moment can have in cricket’s grandest stage.

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