German Sports Brand Will Be The Kit Sponsor of The Indian Cricket Team

The achievement of the Indian cricket team is well known on the ground. And now, World one of the top sports goods brand, Adidas, will sponsor them in the upcoming years. This is officially confirmed by a source of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

โ€œAdidas will take over from Killer this June in a five-year deal. The final print of the contract is being worked out. But the valuation is set to go up,โ€ a BCCI official confirmed.

The BCCI’s agreement with Adidas will last five years from June 2023. The Nike Company was associated with the Indian team till 2020. After that, there was the entry of MPL. There was an agreement between MPL and BCCI till December 2023, but it did not turn out well for the board. Late last year, MPL communicated to the BCCI that it wanted to transfer its rights to ‘Keval Kiran Clothing Limited’ (KKCL).

But the ‘Killer’ company joined the Indian team, but it didn’t seem like an ideal form. The board was eager to fix this. They wanted to associate themselves with a big brand, and now Adidas will fill that gap.

There have been reports of an agreement between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the company ‘Adidas’, which manufactures sports goods. According to media reports, Adidas will be the kit sponsor of the Indian team. And it will replace the existing kit sponsor, Killer.

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