Gautam Gambhir Demands A Major Change For Bowlers In IPL Tournament

The current IPL 2024 season has seen a significant bias towards batsmen, resulting in bowlers finding it challenging to limit high-scoring innings. Gautam Gambhir, the mentor of the Kolkata Knight Riders and a former Indian cricketer, has suggested an audacious remedy that is changing the ball manufacturer.

Batters consistently breach the mark of 200-runs which has raised the worries about the balance between batting and bowling. Gautam Gambhir contends that the current Kookaburra ball employed in the IPL lacks support for bowlers, especially as it deteriorates over the course of an innings.

If a manufacturer cannot produce a ball which can last for 50 overs, might as well change the manufacturer. There’s nothing wrong with changing the manufacturer. What is this compulsion with only using the Kookaburra?,” Gambhir said in 180 not out podcast.

Gautam Gambhir proposes incorporating Duke balls, renowned for their prominent seam and capability to swing in the air. This alteration could furnish bowlers with additional aggressive strategies, particularly on surfaces lacking inherent swing or bounce.

Gautam Gambhir suggests using Duke balls in matches. These balls have a noticeable seam and can swing in the air. This change could give bowlers more ways to attack, especially on pitches that don’t naturally help with swing or bounce.

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