Chris Gayle Fires Series Of Advices To Safe The Future Of International Cricket

The former West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle has raised concern for the future of international cricket. The Universal Boss feels that nowadays cricket is being ruled by some selected countries and this method needs a quick and effective change.

There have been widespread concerns about the top three nations namely India, Australia and Englang dominating cricket and earning huge revenue as compared to the other cricket playing countries.

The West Indies legend holds doubts about the progress of cricket in smaller nations. He stated that fans are going to get tired after watching the same teams playing with each other. He said that the domination of these teams are making cricket a boring game and new nations should be prioritised in order to get more engagement from the fans.

According to a quote shared by Indian Express, Chris Gayle said,”Yeah that is what I am talking about, that is where I am coming from. Pretty much these three teams are dominating international cricket. If we continue like this people are going to say ‘hey we need a new team now taking over, new talents taking over and make a name for themselves.”

Gayle also talked about the payment difference between the giants and small teams. He suggested that authorities should take a closer look at this issue and allocate more games to lower-ranked teams which will surely develop their skills.

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“It needs to be structured, so that everyone can benefit. The disadvantaged and lower-ranked teams need to play more games to develop their skills. Infrastructure needs to be created for them and those players need to be paid well just like the big teams because everyone is playing the same amount of cricket,” he added.

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