“CazBall not Bazball…” Glenn McGrath Criticizes England’s Approach In Ashes 2023

Legendary Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath recently expressed his disappointment with England’s lackadaisical approach to the Ashes 2023 series. In particular, he highlighted Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal as a prime example of their relaxed attitude on the field. McGrath referred to their demeanor as “Casual Ball – CazBall” rather than the focused and committed approach he termed “Baseball.”

Bairstow’s stumping, according to McGrath, symbolized England’s overall approach in the series. In his column for BBC Sport, McGrath summarized England’s performance in the first two Tests, pinpointing Bairstow’s dismissal as indicative of their attitude. He believed that Bairstow’s nonchalant behavior as he left his crease exemplified everything that had been going wrong for the current England team.

“Now, I am a fan of Baseball. The concept of backing yourself, playing without fear, and putting pressure back on the opposition. But Bairstow’s dismissal epitomizes what we have seen from England in this series. It has been Casual Ball – CazBall if you will, not Bazball,” McGrath wrote in his column for BBC Sport.

McGrath also addressed the discussions surrounding the ‘spirit of cricket’ that arose after Bairstow’s dismissal. He emphasized the importance of players respecting Test cricket not only with their skills but also with their attitude. McGrath deemed Bairstow’s casual departure from the crease an unacceptable approach in the eyes of the former pace maestro.

Reasoning why he called England’s approach casual, McGrath listed certain instances in the first two Tests. “If you go back to day one of the Lord’s Test, England were too casual. After a rain delay, Australia’s batters championed at the bit to get out there. The umpires were on the field, but despite conditions in their favor, half the England players, captain included, still had their feet up on the balcony,” the 53-year-old wrote.

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McGrath expects higher commitment and professionalism from the England team, particularly in prestigious series like the Ashes. His critique serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the spirit of the game and displaying the utmost respect for Test cricket.

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