“Babar Azam can set this World Cup on fire…”: Gautam Gambhir’s Prediction On Pakistani Skipper

In cricket, where legends are born, and rivalries are etched into history, a player emerges who captures the imaginations of fans worldwide. In this narrative, the spotlight shines brightly on Babar Azam, the Pakistan cricket sensation who has earned high praise from former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir.

Gautam Gambhir, a two-time World Cup winner with India, is no stranger to the game’s nuances. His recent endorsement of Babar Azam as a “class batter” to watch out for in the upcoming World Cup has sent ripples through the cricketing world. Gambhir’s assertion centres on a quality that sets Azam apart the luxury of time.

Gambhir told Star Sports: “Babar Azam can set this World Cup on fire. I have seen a lot of players with so much time to bat. I think that Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson and Joe Root are there, but Babar Azam has a different level of capability.”

One of the most striking aspects of Babar Azam’s batting is his ability to manipulate time. In a world where bowlers relentlessly seek to outfox batsmen, Azam seems to have an eternity to pick his shots. This rare skill can potentially set the 2023 ODI World Cup on fire. The ability to play with such composure, regardless of the match situation, is what legends are made of.

Gambhir’s endorsement doesn’t stop at labelling Azam as a class act; it extends to comparing him with some of the contemporary greats of the game. Azam is placed above the likes of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root. This assertion, though bold, is grounded in Azam’s remarkable consistency and match-winning abilities.

In the recently concluded Asia Cup 2023, where he faced stiff competition, Azam managed to notch a century, displaying his ability to perform when it matters most. In 2023 alone, he amassed 745 runs in 15 innings at an average of 49.67, with two centuries and six half-centuries to his name.

Azam’s career in ODI tells a story of consistency and excellence. With 5409 runs in 108 ODIs at an astonishing average of 58.16, including 19 centuries and 28 half-centuries, he has rewritten record books and firmly established himself as Pakistan’s batting mainstay.

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Azam’s prowess extends beyond numbers; it’s about his dominance against cricketing giants. Against Australia, a team with five World Cup titles, he averages a remarkable 73.50, having scored 588 runs in just nine ODIs. Similarly, against defending champions England, he averages 48, with two centuries in 19 ODIs.

Azam’s brilliance isn’t confined to certain teams; he consistently excels against South Africa and New Zealand, showcasing his adaptability and versatility. His records against these teams are testimony to his all-round prowess.

However, there’s a chink in Azam’s otherwise illustrious armour in his record against India. In seven ODIs against the arch-rivals, he has scored 168 runs at an average of 28, yet to register a half-century. This presents a challenge for Azam, an opportunity to conquer a formidable opponent.

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