WTC Final: ICC Announced The Prize Money For WTC Champion And Runner-Up, Click Here To Check The Full Prize Money List

The upcoming final match of the World Test Championship between India and Australia at The Oval in London has generated immense excitement among cricket fans. The first batch of the Indian team is already present at the venue, and the rest are scheduled to join after the IPL 2023 final.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has also announced the prize money for the winner and runner-up of the tournament on May 26, 2023. The ICC has allocated a substantial amount of prize money for both teams, ensuring that even the runners-up are rewarded for their efforts.

The team that emerges victorious in the WTC Final will receive a prize money of Rs 13.23 crore in Indian rupees. On the other hand, the runner-up team will be awarded Rs 6.61 crore. The total prize money for the World Test Championship amounts to approximately Rs 31.4 crore, which will be distributed among the nine participating teams.

The ICC emphasized that there have been no changes to the prize money for the WTC Final, maintaining consistency with previous editions. In the 2021 final held in Southampton between New Zealand and India, the winning New Zealand team, led by Kane Williamson, received Rs 13 crore as the champion’s reward.

Furthermore, the England team, which finished in fourth place, received Rs 2.89 crore; the Sri Lankan team, which finished at number five, got Rs 1.65 crore. Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh got Rs 82 lakh each.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the final showdown between India and Australia, the prize money motivates the teams to give their best and showcase their skills on the grand stage of the World Test Championship.

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