Whole Team Bundled Out On 9 Runs, 7 Batters Went Without Opening Their Account, Check The Full Report

Records are made and broken on the cricket field every day. Sometimes the batsman dominates, and sometimes, the bowlers wreak havoc with the ball.

You must have seen a lot of records being made, but have you ever seen a team getting all out on just 9 runs? Do not be surprised because this score is not made in any domestic match but in an international match.

This international match was played between the women’s team of Thailand and the Philippines. Batting first in the T20 match, the Philippines team was bundled out on 9 runs. None of the batters from the Philippines team could cross the double figure. Four batsmen scored 2-2, and one run came as extra. For Thailand, Thipacha Puthavong wreaked havoc with four wickets, while Onika Kamchomphu took three wickets.

Thailand’s team achieved the target of 10 runs in just four balls. Captain Nanapat Koncharonekai and Natthakan Chatham opened the innings for Thailand. In the very first over of Alex Smith, both of them finished the match together. Nanapat scored 3 runs facing 2 balls, while Natthakan scored 6 runs, including a four.

The shameful record of the lowest score in women’s T20 International cricket is in the name of the Maldives team. The Maldives have been bundled out for 6 runs, once against Bangladesh and once against Rwanda. While playing against Nepal, the entire team of Maldives was reduced to just 8 runs. Now, the name of the Philippines has also been added to this shameful list.

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