“Whether you win the World Cup or not but…”: Shikhar Dhawan On IND-PAK Rivalry

The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry is renowned as one of the most intense and historic battles in the sporting world. Senior Indian batter Shikhar Dhawan recently shared his perspective on playing against Pakistan and the significance of emerging victorious in matches against their arch-rivals. As the two teams prepare to face each other in the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 and beyond, Dhawan’s insights shed light on the emotions, excitement, and pressure associated with these high-stakes encounters.

The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry transcends sport and reflects cultural, political, and national sentiments. Due to the absence of bilateral series between the two nations, clashes in tournaments like the Asia Cup and World Cup hold even greater significance. These matches evoke unparalleled anticipation and enthusiasm among fans from both sides of the border.

Shikhar Dhawan acknowledges the unique importance of winning against Pakistan, describing it as a necessity akin to winning the World Cup. He notes that the excitement of facing Pakistan differs from any other opponent, fueled by the historical context and the passions the rivalry ignites. Dhawan’s words reflect the immense pressure and expectations of competing against Pakistan.

While India has traditionally held an upper hand over Pakistan in World Cups and Asia Cups, the last few years have witnessed a surge in competition. Matches between the two teams have gone down to the wire, with thrilling finishes adding to the intensity. The outcomes have been unpredictable, adding an element of unpredictability to their encounters.

The upcoming Asia Cup 2023 holds a pivotal match between India and Pakistan, scheduled for September 2nd. With the possibility of facing each other in the Super 4s and potentially the final, the anticipation surrounding these clashes is palpable. The World Cup match between the two teams at the Narendra Modi International Stadium adds further significance to their cricketing rivalry.

Shikhar Dhawan’s confidence in his team’s ability to win against Pakistan and secure victories in important tournaments showcases the determined spirit of the Indian cricket team. He underlines the intensity and pressure on the field, balanced by light-hearted moments and camaraderie with their opponents.

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Shikhar Dhawan said, “It has always been the case of ‘Whether or not you win the World Cup, don’t lose to Pakistan’ (laughs). But winning the World Cup is also important and by god’s grace hopefully we will. There’s definitely excitement (while playing Pakistan) but also a lot of pressure. There’s definitely a satisfying feeling playing against them when the match ends. Whenever I have played Pakistan, we have won mostly. The intensity on the field is also high, but there’s also some light chat with them.”

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