“Unke samne, woh baby bowler hai…”: Abdul Razzaq Clarified “Baby Bolwer” Remark On Jasprit Bumrah

In this high-stakes match, Rohit Sharma-led team India emerged victorious, further solidifying their reputation as one of the tournament’s favorites. India was on a winning streak of six matches, and their performance against arch-rivals Pakistan only added to the hype surrounding this marquee event. On the flip side, the Babar Azam-led Pakistan cricket team found themselves in a tricky spot with just three wins in seven matches, making their journey to the semi-finals a challenging one.

Amidst the intense rivalry and fervent cricketing action, former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq found himself in the spotlight. He was questioned about an old comment about Jasprit Bumrah, the spearhead of the Indian bowling attack. Back in 2019, in an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Razzaq had called Bumrah a ‘baby bowler.’ He boldly stated, “I have played against great bowlers like Glenn McGrath and Wasim Akram, so Bumrah is a baby bowler in front of me, and I could have easily dominated and attacked him.”

On a recent episode of the YouTube channel ‘Hasna Mana Hai,’ Abdul Razzaq had the opportunity to clarify his comments, considering Bumrah’s outstanding performance at the Cricket World Cup. 

Razzaq explained, “Whatever I said, it was interpreted incorrectly. The question was, how do you see Glenn McGrath, Wasim Akram, Jasprit Bumrah, and Shoaib Akhtar? Unke samne, woh baby bowler hai (He is a baby bowler in front of them). I have never said that he is not a good bowler. But if you compare him with Wasim Akram Glenn McGrath, you tell me if I am wrong in calling him a baby bowler. When I came into the Pakistan team, I was also a baby before Wasim Akram.”

This clarification was pivotal in understanding that Razzaq did not discredit Bumrah’s abilities but emphasized the monumental stature of bowlers like Wasim Akram and Glenn McGrath, against whom he had played.

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Jasprit Bumrah’s journey in international cricket has been nothing short of remarkable. Known for his unorthodox bowling action, he has consistently been a match-winner for Team India. The debate over whether Bumrah could match up to the legendary Pakistani pacer Wasim Akram, had been ongoing. 

However, Wasim Akram ended the discussion, asserting, “He is the best in the world right now. Top of the ladder! The control, the pace, the variations, just a complete bowler. It’s a treat to watch. With the new ball, to get this kind of movement on this kind of pitch… pace, carry, follow-through… you name it, he’s a complete bowler.”

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