“There should be two divisions…” Former Australian Cricketer Supports Rohit Sharma’s Call For Three-Match World Test Championship Final

Former Australian spinner Brad Hogg has expressed his support for Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma’s suggestion that the World Test Championship (WTC) final be expanded to a three-match series. Following India’s recent loss in the WTC final, Rohit voiced his concerns about the tournament’s format and schedule. In agreement with Rohit, Hogg proposed a division-based system that would introduce promotion and relegation, giving smaller teams a chance to compete at the highest level.

The WTC final in England is a single-match decider that pits the top two teams against each other. However, Rohit Sharma expressed his dissatisfaction with the format, suggesting that a three-match series would provide a fairer assessment of a team’s performance in the game’s longest format. The Indian captain’s concerns resonate with Brad Hogg and several cricket enthusiasts.

In his YouTube channel, Hogg outlined a division-based system as an alternative to the current WTC format. He suggested dividing the teams into two divisions: Division One, consisting of the top four teams, and Division Two, comprising the remaining teams. Hogg also recommended a third division for associate nations, allowing them to progress through the ranks.

Hogg said on his YouTube channel that he agrees with Rohit regarding his thoughts on the WTC final and pitching a new format for the tournament.

“I agree with Rohit Sharma that the WTC Final should be a three-match series, but this time it was a one-match final, and Australia won that, and I am not taking away from that. It is about the game moving forward. There should be two divisions with four teams – the top four teams in division one and the rest in division two. The associates can be in division three and work their way up.”

The division-based system, popular in football leagues and the English County Championship, would introduce a sense of competitiveness and opportunities for teams to climb the ladder. Like the football leagues, the bottom-ranked team in Division One could be relegated to Division Two, while the top-ranked team in Division Two would earn promotion to Division One. This system incentivizes teams to consistently perform at their best and gives smaller nations hope to compete at the highest level.

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Hogg’s proposed format aims to reinvigorate Test cricket by fostering healthy competition and equal opportunities for all teams. With the division-based system, each match would hold greater significance as teams battle for divisional supremacy and the chance to compete in the WTC final.

Implementing a new format has challenges, including scheduling considerations, player workload management, and logistical arrangements. However, Hogg’s vision reflects a desire to enhance the value of Test cricket and address concerns raised by players and fans alike.

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