“Shubman Gill posting an even better YoYo score than Virat was…”: Sunil Gavaskar On Virat And Shubhman Yo-Yo Test Controversy

The cricketing world was recently abuzz with controversy when Indian captain Virat Kohli shared his YoYo test score on Instagram during the lead-up to the Asia Cup. This seemingly innocuous act resulted in a reprimand from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), who considered it a breach of contract. Subsequently, young sensation Shubman Gill’s higher YoYo test score raised questions about Kohli’s status as the fittest Indian cricketer.

Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar offered his perspective on this matter and emphasized the importance of publicizing such fitness standards. Additionally, Gavaskar touched upon the historic rivalry between India and Pakistan, highlighting the excitement it generates while lamenting the misuse of this rivalry for personal agendas.

Sunil Gavaskar acknowledged the excitement generated by Virat Kohli’s YoYo test score, which exceeded the BCCI’s prescribed limit. However, he cautioned against reading too much into the situation. Gavaskar pointed out that Shubman Gill’s superior score should not be viewed as one-upmanship but rather as an indication of his impressive fitness level.

“There was a lot of excitement when Kohli put out his YoYo score which was more than the limit that the BCCI trainers had set. Shubman Gill posting an even better YoYo score than Virat was by no means one-upmanship. The age difference between the two mustn’t be forgotten and the elder has to be admired for his fitness standard. The BCCI then directed that nobody should post their YoYo test scores which might have actually saved some blushes for some,” Gavaskar wrote in his column for Mid-Day.

The critical aspect Gavaskar raised is transparency regarding the YoYo test scores. He suggested that publicizing these scores is vital if meeting the minimum standard in the YoYo test is a prerequisite for player selection. This transparency would allow millions of cricket enthusiasts to be aware of the fitness levels of their favorite players and eliminate any speculation or misinformation.

Gavaskar explained, “If it is true that unless the minimum standard of the YoYo test is not met, then the player is not eligible for selection then it’s all the more important for this test to be done in the public domain so that the public that follows the game in their millions know that there are no players who have not met the minimum standard in the team.”

Shifting his focus to the timeless rivalry between India and Pakistan, Gavaskar shared his insights. As a cricketing icon who has experienced numerous IND-PAK encounters, he understands the intensity and enthusiasm associated with this historic clash. The recent Asia Cup fixture between the two nations ended in disappointment due to rain washing out the second innings.

Despite this setback, anticipation is mounting for another IND vs. PAK showdown in the Super Fours stage and the highly anticipated clash at the World Cup on October 14th. Gavaskar acknowledged that this rivalry captures the attention of even non-cricket followers in both countries, driven by the contest’s history and political implications.

However, Gavaskar expressed his disappointment with individuals who exploit this cricketing spectacle for their agendas. He noted that, over the years, players have been used as pawns by individuals who have little interest in the game but seek to promote their agendas. Gavaskar’s remarks serve as a reminder of the need to cherish the cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan while keeping the sport at the forefront.

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“As usual, it’s been hyped up as the best rivalry in the world in cricket. It certainly gets even the non-cricket followers in both countries also interested even if it’s just for the day, because of the history between the two countries but also the political mileage that can be derived out of it. The players over the years know that they will be made tools by those in both countries who really have no interest in the game but to promote their own agenda,” the Little Master added.

Sunil Gavaskar’s perspective on the Virat Kohli YoYo test controversy underscores the importance of transparency and public awareness in fitness standards for cricketers. His observations on the IND-PAK rivalry reflect the mixed emotions it evokes, from excitement and enthusiasm to disappointment over its misuse for non-cricketing purposes. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the next clash between these two cricketing giants, Gavaskar’s insights reflect the broader context of cricketing contests and their impact beyond the boundary.

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