Ricky Ponting’s Strong Words: Delhi Capitals’ “Unacceptable” Defeat

The Delhi Capitals suffered a 106-run loss against KKR. Reacting to his team’s loss against KKR Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting said that he was quite embarrassed with the way the team performed in the match.

After the match, in the post-match conference, Ricky Ponting said, “I was almost embarrassed with our first half of the game todayโ€”to concede that many runs. It took us two hours as well to bowl our overs, so we were two overs behind again, which means the guys bowling the last two overs only get to bowl with four fielders outside the circle.”

Ponting further added, “There are a lot of things that happened in this game that are unacceptable; we have to fix them immediately to go forward in this tournament.”
Ponting feels that KKR were on top right from the start.

Speaking about the same, Ricky Ponting said, “They got off to a flying start in the powerplay. They were around 90 runs after six overs. That phase is not ideal; if that happens at the start of the game, then you are always trying to find your way back into the game, and they did not allow us to do that today. They were relentless. We have got to be very critical of ourselves.”

One of the biggest positives of the match for the Delhi Capitals was Rishabh Pant, who scored back-to-back centuries. But he called out physio in the middle of the inning.

Speaking about the same, Ponting said, “I saw he called a physio out. It might have just been a bit of tiredness. It looked like he was moving pretty well when he batted. I think we should just concentrate on the way he batted tonight. I did not see him hobbling at all after he called the physio out. I saw him doing a little bit of stretching, so there might be a little bit of cramp.” 

However, Ponting said that he was quite impressed with Pant’s batting approach throughout the match.

Ricky Ponting said, “I was pleased for him for what he did with the bat. A situation like that, where he had to go out and attack from the start, is probably a scenario that he needed just to get some confidence back. He has actually had two good games with the bat now, which is great.”

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