MS Dhoni Used To Abuse Players : Ishant Sharma Exposes Dark Side Of Ms Dhoni

Indian pacer Ishant Sharma, who played under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, has recently made a surprising revelation about the former Indian captain’s behavior on the cricket field. Contrary to Dhoni’s popular image of being calm and composed, Sharma has disclosed that Dhoni frequently used abusive language during matches, shedding a new light on the legendary cricketer’s temperament.

Known for his composed demeanor during his playing days, MS Dhoni was not only a respected captain but also a talented wicketkeeper-batsman. His ability to stay calm under pressure and make astute decisions was admired by cricket enthusiasts worldwide. With a remarkable career spanning 15 years, Dhoni played a pivotal role in securing victories for Team India, and he remains the only captain to have won all three ICC white-ball trophies.

However, Ishant Sharma, who had the opportunity to share the dressing room with Dhoni and played over 150 matches under his leadership, has unveiled a different side of the former captain. In an interview with a YouTube channel, Sharma expressed that Dhoni often used foul language on the field, challenging the widely held belief about his calm and cool temperament.

Sharma’s revelations add a new dimension to our perception of Dhoni’s on-field behavior. According to Sharma, despite the presence of people around Dhoni during matches, whether in the IPL or with the Indian team, the use of abusive language was a frequent occurrence. He compared the atmosphere to that of a village, albeit missing the trees.

Recalling a specific incident during a Test match, Sharma narrated how Dhoni asked him if he was tired after finishing his bowling spell. Sharma replied affirmatively, to which Dhoni responded by saying, “Son, you’re getting old, quit.” This incident provided a rare glimpse of Dhoni’s anger, as Sharma emphasized that he had never seen Dhoni express his frustration except when he threw the ball and it went down. The intensity of Dhoni’s anger escalated with each subsequent throw, and he even used an expletive while urging Sharma to hit the ball back into his hands.

Ishant Sharma, with an impressive record of 105 Test matches, 80 ODIs, and 14 T20Is, where he has taken 311, 115, and 8 wickets respectively, provides unique insights into Dhoni’s personality and on-field behavior. His experiences playing alongside Dhoni shed light on the captain’s lesser-known side, challenging the conventional perception of his calm demeanor.

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