“Mayank Yadav should not be…” Shane Watson gives a strong warning to Indian team management

Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson gave a strong warning to Indian team management with respect to Mayank Yadav.

The young pacer has just played a couple of matches in the IPL and has already started to make headlines with his pace and accuracy.

Several greats, like Stuart Broad, have made it clear for Mayank to be fast-tracked to international cricket. On the other hand, former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson believes that Mayank Yadav should not be rushed to play test matches just because of his pace.

In his interaction with Jio cenima Watson, he said, “Obviously, the talk of the town is Mayank Yadav, to be able to see someone of his world-class speed and then also world-class skill on display… Lucknow Super Giants are unbelievably lucky to be able to have him.” 

Watson further stated that “to be able to perform on the big stage against the best batters in the world and dominate them and blow them away is something very, very special.”

However, when asked about, is Mayank Yadav ready for test cricket? Shane Watson said, “Of course, in a perfect world, you’d love to see him playing Test cricket, but just knowing how challenging it is on your body as a fast bowler to be able to get your body accustomed and resilient enough to be able to handle bowling at high speed, 15-20 overs a day in a Test match on a flat wicket, right now, I don’t see it necessary to be able to push his body to that limit.

“There’s not too many fast bowlers in the world who come through and are able to bowl at the speed and the control that Mayank does have, so they need to harness that young man’s incredible talent and skill that he’s got. So, by pushing him to play Test cricket right now, I think that’s not wise at all.”

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