Indian Cricket Team Will Feature Without Jersey Sponsor In WTC Final Against Australia

In an era dominated by commercialization and sponsorships, the Indian cricket team is set to embark on a unique journey as they gear up for the World Test Championship final. Breaking away from the norm, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to participate in the prestigious match without any jersey sponsors. This move comes after the expiry of their contract with Byju and the BCCI’s quest for long-term and prestigious partnerships.

The sight of cricketers wearing uncluttered jerseys devoid of sponsors has become increasingly rare in today’s cricketing landscape. However, the Indian cricket team, led by Rohit Sharma, is set to bring back a sense of nostalgia as they take the field in the World Test Championship final without any jersey sponsors. The training clothing of the players currently showcases only Adidas’ iconic three stripes and the BCCI logo.

Byju’s, the ed-tech major, terminated its contract with the BCCI in March, citing adverse market conditions. The contract was initially supposed to run until November, but both parties agreed to part ways early. Without a favorable response during offline negotiations, the BCCI decided not to proceed with short-term associations and instead focused on securing long-term, prestigious partnerships for the Indian cricket team.

BCCI officials have emphasized engaging with long-term partners, prioritizing quality over low-key deals. While the financial implications of this decision may mean a temporary setback in terms of revenue, the board believes it’s a worthwhile trade-off to establish enduring relationships with reputed sponsors. In the past, the BCCI had been earning substantial amounts, around ₹1.5 crores per ICC match and ₹4.6 crore per bilateral international match.

“It would only be fitting that Indian cricket engages with prestigious and long-term partners rather than going for low-key deals,” a BCCI official said.

The BCCI recently entered into a five-year contract with Adidas, providing them with hope for finding suitable partners in time for future events. With an increasingly crowded ICC calendar that includes a white-ball world event every year, the BCCI remains optimistic about securing sponsorships before the upcoming World Cup, scheduled for October-November in India.

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For the World Test Championship final, the International Cricket Council (ICC) permits commercial slots only on the leading and non-leading arms of the players’ outfits. This implies that the Indian cricketers will take the field in clean jerseys and sponsor-free whites, showcasing a minimalist aesthetic. In stark contrast, franchises like the Mumbai Indians earn over ₹100 crores in a single season from various sponsorship slots during the Indian Premier League.

The decision by the BCCI to go ahead without any jersey sponsors for the World Test Championship final reflects their desire for prestigious, long-term partnerships. Although it may result in a temporary financial setback, the board’s focus on quality associations demonstrates a commitment to the future of Indian cricket. As fans eagerly await the clash between India and their opponent in the ultimate Test battle, the absence of jersey sponsors will be a unique and rare sight on the cricketing field.

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