“I’m Not Going To Please Everyone…” Pat Cummins On Criticism Over His Captaincy During Ashes 2023

Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, has opened up about the criticism he has faced for his leadership during the ongoing Ashes 2023 series. Cummins’ captaincy has come under scrutiny despite retaining the Ashes, especially after Australia’s struggles in some matches. However, the skipper has developed a thick skin over his two-year captaincy tenure and remains unfazed by the opinions and criticisms.

Australia started the Ashes series strongly, ticking all the right boxes in the first two games. However, things took a turn as they lost the Headingley Test, and England dominated them in Manchester. Cummins faced criticism for his leadership during these challenging moments, especially when opposition batters, particularly Zak Crawley, were taking the Australian bowlers to task.

Following a poor performance, former cricketer Darren Berry speculated that Cummins might step down as captain after the series concludes. Even head coach Andrew McDonald admitted that the team applied poor tactics in certain situations.

In response to the criticism, Cummins maintained a calm and composed demeanour. He acknowledged that the environment within the team emphasizes maintaining composure, both on and off the field. He took responsibility for any shortcomings in his leadership during the fifth Test and accepted that there were moments when he felt the pressure. However, he emphasized that he has learned to have a thick skin as a captain, understanding that he cannot please everyone and that opinions are not facts.

He told reporters: “It’s something we speak a lot of as a group: A calm environment. That’s off the field but on the field as well. It probably wasn’t our best day in terms of that. And that’s my fault, no one else’s. It’s tough. You’re out there, and the wicket’s a flat wicket, the batters are batting well, and it’s played at a different pace to pretty much any Test cricket before.

Cummins revealed that his teammates have been supportive and have found humour in some of the criticism directed at him. The camaraderie within the team has helped him deal with the pressure and maintain a positive outlook.

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“A few things have come across my desk from the boys laughing. I’ve been in this job for two years now, and you learn pretty quickly you’ve got to have a thick skin. I’m not going to please everyone, and everyone’s got opinions. But they aren’t facts, and they’re opinions,” he added.

Despite the challenges, Cummins acknowledged that every day as a captain is a learning experience. He is determined to continue growing in his role and improve as a leader for the Australian team.

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