“I wanted to use stronger words but…”Sunil Gavaskar’s Warning to BCCI over IPL matches getting high scoring

The ongoing season of the IPL has been a run-fest so far. In just half of the season, there have been many occasions of teams scoring over 200 runs in almost every match.

However, former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar has requested the BCCI  do something to protect the bowlers in the IPL. Gavaskar requested that BCCI increase the length of the boundary, pushing the rope and advertisement board a little more back.

In his interaction with Star Sports, Sunil Gavaskar said, “I wouldn’t suggest any changes to a cricket bat because they are all within regulations, but I have been saying this for a long time: increase the size of the boundary at every ground. Look at this ground today; there is enough space to take it back a little more by a couple of meters. It can often prove to be the difference between a catch and a sixer. You can push those LED or advertisement boards even further so that the boundary rope can go back by 2-3 meters, and that will make a difference. Otherwise, the bowlers are the only ones who will suffer.” 

Gavaskar feels that power hitting in the IPL brings entertainment, but sometimes it gets boring when every match becomes high-scoring.

Gavaskar said, “What we have been seeing in T20 cricket over the last few days is that this is batting like the coach tells in the nets, ‘This is the last round,’ and everybody starts swinging their bat around bang, bang, whether they get out or not. It’s enjoyable to a little extent, but after that, it gets…not so exciting. I wanted to use a stronger word, but no.”

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