“I think this theory is b******…”: Ravi Shastri’s Candid Response To Ashwin’s Inclusion In Asia Cup Squad

Former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri has given a straightforward and candid response to the suggestion of including Ravichandran Ashwin in the Indian squad for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. The proposal, put forth by former chief selector MSK Prasad, revolves around Ashwin’s potential to counter left-handers and his effectiveness in Asian conditions. However, Shastri dismissed this notion, labeling it as overplayed.

The Asia Cup 2023, set to be held in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, holds significant importance as it serves as a preparation ground for the World Cup 2023. While India’s middle order, spin bowling, and fast bowling departments remain undecided, discussions about team composition are in full swing.

During a discussion featuring Ravi Shastri, MSK Prasad, and Sandeep Patil on Star Sports, the topic of including Ashwin for his prowess against left-handers emerged. Prasad expressed his belief in Ashwin’s utility, particularly against left-handed batters, in Asian conditions. He highlighted that Ashwin’s experience and bowling style could provide an edge against left-handers.

MSK explained, “I still fancy my thing for Ashwin’s inclusion. Because you are playing in Asian conditions, he is one guy who can be effective against left-hand batters. Australia is filled with left-hand batters. We have seen that. Ashwin will be useful. He is in the best state of mind. He is at the right age. Especially if we are plating in Sri Lanka and India. The only thing running back of my mind is the experience of Ashwin. It can be handy. Do you require two wrist spinners? That is one area which I am thinking about. Jadeja, Chahal, and even Axar are of similar style…. the ball going out…What about left-handers? If he misses out, we will miss him. That’s the option we have now. But statistically also, best of the left-handers struggled against him. Let’s not forget we are playing in India and Sri Lanka, which suits his bowling.”

However, Shastri had a different perspective on the matter. He dismissed the notion that the left-hander vs. left-hander theory holds significant weight, emphasizing that bowlers of all types can tackle batters with different hand orientations. Shastri’s strong response reflected his candid viewpoint, dismissing that certain bowlers are inherently disadvantaged against specific batting orientations.

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Shastri explained, “I think it’s Kuldeep’s job to sort out the left-handers. Sometimes this left-hander, right-hander thing is a little overplayed. To be honest, I got out enough left-handers as a left-arm spinner. This theory that lefties can’t bowl to lefties is, I think, bu***hit. By that theory, off-spinners can’t bowl to right-handers.”

As India’s team selection for the Asia Cup approaches, cricket enthusiasts and experts eagerly await the final squad announcement. The Asia Cup is poised to serve as a vital testing ground for the team’s performance and the insights it offers into the potential composition of the World Cup squad.

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