Hashim Amla Started A New Journey In Cricket

Hashim Amla, the legendary South African cricketer, has been appointed the batting coach for the Gauteng Lions, sparking curiosity about his impact in his new role. With an illustrious career with 28 Test centuries and 9,282 runs at an average of 46.64, Amla’s influence goes far beyond his statistics. Dale Steyn, his former teammate, attests to his approachability and leadership qualities, which are expected to benefit the team immensely.

Amla’s cricketing journey has been nothing short of magical, leaving behind cherished memories for fans and cricket enthusiasts worldwide. His records as the fastest man to reach milestones in ODIs and his calm and composed demeanor on and off the field have earned him reverence from players and fans alike.

While Amla’s career achievements are awe-inspiring, success as a coach is not guaranteed. However, his vast experience as a player and leader in the game makes him a valuable asset for any team. Amla’s coaching role extends beyond technical skills; he can provide valuable insights into scoring strategies and batting approaches, which are crucial aspects of the game.

Dale Steyn stated, “Even if he wasn’t a coach if he was just a mentor, just people talking to him and listening to him, seeing what a calm person he is, would greatly help a team. As a coach, what’s even better is that he can add his input on how to score, where to score, when to score, and when not to score. From a batting perspective, that’s massive.”

“He’s one of the most approachable people I’ve ever enjoyed hanging around with. He doesn’t assign himself to any particular group. ‘Hash’ is a lone warrior. He can fit in with anyone. That’s a great benefit to have in a team because anyone can go and talk to him. He has a wealth of knowledge, and the Lions will benefit from that.” Steyn further added.

Amla’s leadership skills were evident as South Africa’s captain in Tests, ODIs, and the under-19 World Cup in 2002. His approachable nature and ability to fit in with any group make him an ideal mentor and guide for players of all ages. Steyn highlights Amla’s significance and believes he can contribute to various aspects of the team’s development, including assisting the captain, head coach, and individual players.

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After retiring from international cricket in 2019, Amla participated in various domestic leagues and T20 competitions, showcasing his evergreen talent. His coaching journey began as he graced the dugout for Mumbai Indians Cape Town during the SA20 league. Despite some challenges, Amla’s impact as a batting coach was evident.

Amla’s primary focus as the Gauteng Lions’ batting coach will likely be on the first-class competition, where the team finished fourth out of eight teams last season. He faces the task of nurturing young talents like Zubayr Hamza and revitalizing Rassie van der Dussen’s form.

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