Gurgaon Police Arrest Woman for Attempted Extortion Of INR 5 lakh From Yuvraj Singh’s Mother

On Tuesday, July 25, an incident of attempted extortion shocked the public, involving a woman who formerly worked as a caregiver for Zorawar Singh, the brother of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. The woman, identified as Hema Kaushik, was arrested by the Gurgaon police for attempting to extort money from Yuvraj’s mother, Shabnam Singh, under the threat of implicating the family in a false case.

The incident unfolded after Hema was terminated from her caregiving role due to unprofessional conduct, leading to a disturbing chain of events that culminated in her arrest.

Shabnam Singh hired Hema Kaushik in 2022 to provide caregiving services for her son, Zorawar Singh, who has been battling depression for several years. However, after only 20 days of employment, Hema was relieved of her duties due to her unprofessional behavior during the assignment.

Following her dismissal, Hema Kaushik resorted to alarming tactics, making extortion calls and sending threatening messages on WhatsApp to Shabnam Singh. She demanded a sum of 40 lakhs from Yuvraj’s mother, threatening to file a false case against the family if her demands were not met. These distressing actions prompted Shabnam to seek help from law enforcement.

Upon receiving the complaint from Shabnam Singh, the Gurgaon police acted swiftly to address the grave matter of attempted extortion. They meticulously gathered evidence and orchestrated an operation to catch Hema red-handed.

In a commendable display of efficiency, the police successfully apprehended Hema Kaushik while she was accepting a sum of five lakhs from Shabnam in a mall in Gurgaon. Following her arrest, Hema is currently in police custody and undergoing questioning.

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As of now, Yuvraj Singh or any other member of his family has not issued an official statement on the matter. DCP (East) Nitish Aggarwal revealed the information regarding the incident to PTI, and the family is likely to cooperate with the authorities during the ongoing investigation.

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